Nissan Develops a 10 Minute Electric Car Recharge Station

Electric cars don’t suck, the only thing they suck at is the recharge¬† waiting time. For a couple of hours of travel, you have to wait almost twice as much recharging the darn thing so you can get going again. This inability to hold a charge past 6 hours of travel time, at best, and having to wait almost an entire night, made them an inconvenience for every day travelers.

But thanks to Nissan, we may finally have a car that is not so inconvenient. Nissan developed a charging station that can recharge your car in about 10 minutes and you’re, just enough time for a bathroom break, and you’re on the road again.

The development of this new quick charge battery came after the researchers switched up the electrode inside a capacitor from a carbon to a tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide to improve the power of the battery. By doing this, the battery can now be charged extra fast.

This new battery is about 10 years from being fully commercialized and distributed but at least we have figured out a solution for all of these electric cars. Now we can finally be proud of driving something that works.

Via NY Daily News