Reverse Phone Look Up: Review.

In today’s age, a phone number can be used to obtain a variety of information including name, address, and other personal information. At this point, most phone numbers can be looked up using a reverse phone number look-up website. However, these websites are not created equally and it can be a waste of time to use the bad ones. Below is a review of 5 reverse phone number lookup websites that are worth using.

1) Reversephonelookup.org

Unfortunately, this site isn’t free, but it offers a plethora of information and is very easy to use. The site is capable of finding information on all types of phone whether the number in question be from a land line, cell phone, business phone, or wireless phone. The site can also find unlisted and unpublished numbers. For those looking to find in depth information on a phone number, the site offers a 5 day trial access that includes a full report for $1 . For those looking to use the site for a longer period of time, a monthly membership is valued at $19.95.


Whitepages.com offers a simple, easy to use reverse phone lookup that yields results. Without charging anything, Whitepages.com provides you with the name and location of the phone number you enter. Whitepages allows you to search for cell phones, landlines, and business phones. For landlines, the age, location, household members and address of the phone number holder is provided.

3) Freephonetracer.com

This site isn’t quite as easy to use as some others, but seems to yield reliable results. For the free search, cell phone information allows you to see the location of the number, but for the name and address of the owner, users must pay. For landline numbers, the address and name of the owner are listed. For full results on a cell phone, users can pay $9.95 or join freephonetracer.com for an annual fee of $29.95.

4) Anywho.com

Anywho.com is not the site to use to look up information on cellular phones. However, the site gives accurate and reliable information for landline and business phone numbers. For landlines, the site is free and provides the name and address of the phone number owner. Unfortunately, this site is slightly less user friendly than others and feels a bit disorganized.

5) 411.com

411.com is extremely easy to use. However, it isn’t free if you want detailed information on cell phones. For landlines, the site is very similiar to most other reverse phone lookup sites and provides the name and address of the phone number owner.