Real Life Super Heros – Masks, Capes, and Justice Vans!

As a child, most of us, if not, all of us had dreams of some day becoming a superhero. Most of the dreams originated after watching our favorite superhero movies. But, like everyone else, our dreams were shattered when we broke a bone after jumping from the top of our kitchen table thinking our superman towel-cape was going to make us fly. Eventually we hit the age where we no longer believed in superheroes, somewhere between the age of 10 and 14. For me, it was 8 when I hurt my wrist and my parents told me Superheros weren’t real… they were so pissed they even told me Santa Clause wasn’t real.

Well, when My child asks me in the future if superheros are real, I’ll be able to tell them YES! but not for you.  Apparently there is a “growing life superhero community” around the entire United States. These people DO NOT have super powers, and they don’t have amazing kits or toys. These Superheroes have, hockey helmets, Some padding, and a whole bunch of PVC pipes! Oh and they also have the most important things that make a hero “Super” — Masks, Capes, and a Justice Van where they all jump into to get to the next crime scene.

The Superheros have very weird and unusual alter ego names, but it doesn’t matter. They fight against Criminals, and they help out the Homeless. At first I really thought this was going to be a joke, but these Adult Superheros made a documentary and is being sponsored by HBO. The show will air in a couple of days on HBO only, but don’t worry… shows like these are usually all over youtube that same night thanks to fans and viewers who share the love. Check out the videos at the bottom to see what this is all about!

Join us on the Justice Van! Below!