Founder of “flip” video camera moves to selling grilled cheese sandwiches

A while back we saw that Cisco bought out Flip, that one digital camera that connects straight to your computer. Shortly after the purchase Cisco shut down the Flip program, and Jonathan Kaplan, the owner of the Flip program, while “emotionally” sad, wasn’t to “money” sad since he made his money anyways, still his next move – going insane – by opening a huge chain of grilled cheese sandwich restaurants.

You know, if someone bought out my product company, just so they can shut it down, I think I’d be going insane as well — do you think my product is so bad that you have to buy me out just to shut it down?!

That’s exactly what happened to Jonathan Kaplan before he started to make grilled cheese sandwiches… with a tech-twist. His version of the sandwich encourages customers to order sandwiches and soups using cellphone apps, and pay for them using the apps as well. He’s going to be opening eight restaurants and hopes to expand nationwide.

He’s hoping that as you drive down the interstate you’ll be able to click that app, find your nearest restaurant, and order your sandwich and keep on moving without spending 10 minutes in the line. It doesn’t sound that bad of an Idea, let’s hope it actually catches on and gets to be as popular as the flip cam once was.