Philippe Ramette’s Upside Down and Sideway Pictures

These gravity defying images were taken by Philppe Rammette, and while they do look like he’s achieving the impossible, the image is a trick, but you should know that there was NO Photoshop involved in any of the images. Not even to correct the lighting in the image.

Rammette uses metal frames to support his body in these weird locations, he then lies on them and with the assistance of a second photographer, he positions the camera to achieve the gravity defying stunt. Even though some of the images look extremely dangerous, he was in safe hands. The gallery at the bottom shows you 9 of the best pictures that came out of his album, at first glance you can’t really figure out what’s wrong with the image. Take a look at the first image in the lake and you’ll instantly see what I mean.  Via Xippas