Batteries that charge 10x faster and last 10x longer just 5-years out, scientists say

Carrying a battery charger in your purse, having a car battery charger plugged into you AC plug, and having at least two electric sockets crowding your wall may soon become a thing of the past. Scientist at Northwestern University are tweaking lithium-ion batteries to last 10 times longer and charge up to 10 times faster than the current batteries that we have today. BBC reported recently that the technology could be available in as little as 5 years. So how does it work?

Well, apparently by pocking thousands of holes that have a 20-40 nanometer radius, you can change the movement and density of the lithium ion cells enough to increase the charge time and lower the charging time of any battery. The Northwestern University made a prototype that can fully charge in as little as 15 minutes and the battery lasts en entire week on that single charge.

I’m not sure about you, but I think that EVEN if we have these kinds of batteries, we’re still going to have our phones on one bar because we’re going to be too lazy to charge our phones. Dr. Harold Kung, the scientist in charge of the research, said that even after 150 charges, you can get one year or more of operation out of your battery. This batteries are still going to hold five times more power than our current lithium ion batteries. The sad part, is that after the battery reaches 150 charges, the life time rapidly begins to decline, but that’s a given when you’re coming up with new technology.

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