Twitter launched “follow” button

Twitter launched the “follow” button earlier today, it now enables users to subscribe to the twitter feeds of actors, individuals, companies, blogs, etc.. straight from their websites with a simple click.

The way it worked before was by publishers redirecting users straight to their twitter accounts, from there the users would have to click “follow” and then if they wanted, the user would have to go back to the previous website. Overall, this wasn’t very practical for web designers. Now, website publishers can simply add the twitter button to their site and increase the number of “follow us” without having to redirect their viewers to the twitter website.

But don’t worry there wont be any “accidental” follows form your end, when you click the button a small window appears so you can preview the profile before you follow them. We have a button at the bottom right of our red status bar. Check it out, click on the twitter and see what we’re talking about. A new window opens up and from there you can see if you want to follow us, or just randomly visit our site to check for new news.

If you want to add your very own Twitter button, click here.