Another Laptop Thief gets exposed thanks to “Hidden App”

Hidden App does more than just Hide, usually when someone steals your laptop, you can say good bye to your files and start all over. That is, unless you have HiddenApp, this application has been around for some time and it’s been causing a wave lately.

When Joshua Kaufman’s computer was stolen, he didn’t sit back and give up, instead, he sat back and watched his stolen computer being used. by the thief. That’s what Hidden App is there for, if you have it there to begin with, it collects webcam pictures and screenshots when a computer is stolen and you have the ability to “spy” on the thief.

Kaufman knows everything about the thief, from his Google user name, to what he does online, and above all what he looks like. Kaufman from Oakland California began to track his thief from his apartment since March 21, he then created a Tumblr dedicated to the missing computer, This Guy Has My MacBook, which went live Friday.

But the sad thing is that regardless of how much information Kaufman has on the thief, the police is not doing anything about it, When asked if he thinks he’ll get his computer back, Kaufman replied: “I believe in the power of good.” which really sucks I’m sure he’ll end up doing something really stupid online and Kaufman will catch it all. I can’t wait to see what happens next, good luck man, to both of you. Kaufman in regaining his computer, and the thief in next online appearance.

Via: Mashable