Industrial Strength Paper Shredder: This thing will destroy anything!

Ever since the creation of paper, people have been looking for ways to destroy it. Initially, this was a hand process that took a few seconds, to a few minutes depending on what level of destruction the paper needed.

Eventually, machines were created to take care of the difficult procedure of ripping papers in half. This machine was able to completely destroy papers, and information that contained personal, or classified data without you having to apply any effort.

In 1935, fearing assassination by Nazi Germany, Adolf Ehinger was finally able to create the first paper shredder machine. Since he had many anti-Nazi writings in his possession, he created the machine to help him dispose of the paper work in a heart beat. His first version of the paper shredder was powered by a hand crank, eventually he was able to add motors and power.

The new creation of the shredder instantly received the attention of the Military, since they had many pieces of secret confidential information that they needed to destroy before enemy units got a hold of the documents.

Eventually, the paper shredder continued to evolve throughout the years, and became cheaper to buy and produce. While at first the shredder was used by banks and military personnel,  now days due to the increasing risk of Identity Theft, paper shredders are used by many citizens across the globe.

Due to the high demand of complete and professional eradication of paper from banks, military offices, or other government offices, engineers have developed extreme versions of the shredder. Paper shredder machines that can destroy practically anything that gets in it’s way. Check out the video below so you can see exactly what I’m about here.

From the dress style, the goofy glasses, and the video camera used for the video, you can tell this video is pretty old, yet, this  machine can practically eat a couch without a problem.