How Were Websites Coded in the Past?

Coding a website has changed throughout the years, it has changed so much that coding a website the way it was coded in the early years of the internet will guarantee you will never get a job in the tech field. Back in the early 90’s everything was made using HTML tags, or tables, then came in a new language that helped HTML. Now days we use everything from PHP, Jquery, HTML, JavaScript, just to name a few. All of these languages make what ever you are tying to get done, easier. The best part about all of the languages, is that they can usually work with each other without a problem.

The languages have changed the way websites work, they have made the sites faster, more efficient, but most importantly, better looking.  Things just aren’t the way they used to be back when I was younger… to visualize this in an understandable format, Divine pulled together an infographic that will take you on a trip from the early ’90s up until today. Via: BitRebels