V-Luxe an iPad accessory to turn your ipad into a retro-styled television

Every 30 years or so, we get tired of the “advanced” technology and we take a look back to the “good-ol-days” and a sense of nostalgia kicks in “thing’s aren’t made like they were anymore” and this look into the past is kind of comical.

Philco Predicta TV’s are extremely well designed, and their vintage appeal adds a lavish effect that only the wealthy elite could afford, that is until today, now you too can own one without actually paying a king’s ransom.

BKNYDesign’s Paula Anne Patterson, the girl behind the V-Luxe for the iPad and V-Luxe Juinior for iPod and iPhones, hand constructed the shell cases out of walnut, cherry and African mahogany. The “top” is placed on a swivel that allows you to move the display onto different viewing angles on your modern age “historic” television.

Of course just because it’s cheaper than an original Television from the 50’s, it still doesn’t come cheap, at $500 for the Vluxe, and $200 for the V-Luxe Junior you better think twice about this decision. At the end, you are paying for a design/art piece, so you really aren’t looking for function ability as much as aesthetics.