Apple Becomes the #1 most “valuable” brand, or is it?

For the past four years Google has been the leader when it comes to the most “valuable” brand in the world. However, a study by Millward Brown a global brands agency found that today thanks to the iPhone and iPad Apple, is now worth $153 Billion and puts it at a level 1 spot above Google.

Peter Walsh is the global brands director of Millward Brown, said that “Apple is breaking the rules in terms of pricing model, it’s doing what luxury brands do, where the higher the price the brand is, the more it seems to underpin and reinforce the desire.” And the customers jump on the bandwagon buying “luxury” MP3 players that perform as equally as your smart phone. You may not get the flash and whistles but it gets the job done.

What does this change mean to you? Well if you are regular customer, and own an iPod or iPhone, then you can walk around with pride knowing that Apple is the number one most “valuable” brand in the world. However if you are an investor just keep on doing your thing, while Apple may be the number 1 brand in the world, in the stock market: Google continues to dominate the field over Apple and Google continues to be more “valuable” in your pocket over apple. I’m sure it can change in the future, but not today.

We saw how apple came back from nearly “tanking” before the ipod came out, and now it holds the number one spot in the world…guess who else made it? Facebook, they entered the top 100 at number 35 with a brand valued at 19.1 billion. And really facebook is a one way revenue, you pay them to have advertisements and that’s about it, no way of generating money back.

So really, what Millward Brown’s study showed is that Apple is recognized throughout the world, and if it has an “Apple” logo on a brand, it’s going to sell even if a competing product is better. Side by side, Apple will sell faster. So I wonder how much is Santa Claus worth?

Via: Yahoo News