How to have 400 Girlfriends on Facebook at the same time!

Axe has you covered, thanks to their girlfriend campaign and the all so popular Relationship Status on facebook, you may have noticed that your Bro’s have a little to many girl friends. But that’s not so bad, some of us are big enough to share, and as they all know each other It’s not a deal breaker. Until Valentine’s Day comes.

Check this application out, it started out in Tunisia after Axe began their Campaign in March, the application lets you list yourself in a relationship, or engage you’re your self with multiple girls at the same time.

When your other bros get jealous and they click on the status, they are taken to the Axe app where they can also be in a relationship with as many girls as they want. Check out the video below, it is definitely something that has gone viral on facebook, and while it’s not yet caught on in the USA it is sure to hit the US pretty quickly. Check out the video below to see how and why they came up with this new controversial ad campaign. What do you think about the ad campaign? And also, how many girlfriends do YOU have?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SFun2sd19E]

Via: Axe