Secure your iPhone with a Facial Recognition APP

We’ve all seen what happens when you “Jailbreak” your equipment… Networks get taken down for days. Yet, people continue to Jailbreak their phones and system, Why? because it’s fun and it releases hundreds of features. The iPhone 4, once Jailbroken, can install RecognizeMe a little hack that uses the front Face Time camera to scan your face and after you pass the facial recognition, it unlocks your smartphone.

When you are on the main lock screen you have the option of typing in your password… in case you get beat up to an unrecognized pulp and you need to dial 911 with a busted lip. On the top right corner you can press an icon and a red scanner, like the ones from the supermarket, will begin to scan your face and determine whether it matches the one you originally set to unlock your phone.

You can mess around with a number of settings and how sensitive you want the facial recognition to be, RecognizeMe is developed by Apocolipse and cost $7, The tweak is kinda cool only problem, for $7 dollars, I’m sure there are many ways to hack the application. Just put a picture of the user in front of the camera and it’s done, or if you have a twin the phone can be fooled yet again.

We haven’t had a time to play around with the app, but really for $7 bucks, I think we’ll stick with the free “whats your password” screen that comes up, it’s Free, Fast, Reliable, and Only you know the password. Even that one “swipe motion” application can be hacked, just lay the phone sideways and look for finger print streaks, follow the same path and POW!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3dUCSvcffU&w=500&h=370]