Virgin’s Spaceship Two’s return to earth comes back successful

A while back we brought you an article about how Virgin spacecraft could take you to space for a mere 150 million. At that time, it was unclear as to weather or not it was going to be achievable. And today, Virgin’s Spaceship Two had a successful flight that allowed it to return back to earth’s orbit without crashing down.

The test was conducted at the Mojave Desert, in California. WhiteKnightTwo took the suborbital spacecraft to the “tested” height before releasing it. SpaceShipTwo then fired its rocket to send it into “the atmosphere” and then shutting it down to start it’s soft and sweetly descent. The video operated by the Clay Observatory showed just how advanced the SpaceShip is, it’s wings bend upwards to level out the craft, the test could not have gone better than it did, Burt Rutan’s shuttlecock technology design worked better than expected.

The Shuttle will be able to take up to 6 people to space for a mere, $200,000 per person, way better than the 150 Million around the moon price. But still not a taxi ride to space. Check out the video at Gizmodo