Verizon is getting rid of it’s unlimited data plan

Sigh, first it was AT&T, and now it’s Verizon, they are planning to shut down their “unlimited data plans” instead, they are going to take a more “business” plan, in which they will charge their cellphone users more to download via their phones.. Meaning, if you have a tethering application like Easy Tether, you are going to see a huge price increase on your next bill…

They hope that if they add some “family plans” for data users that it will be less of an impact on it’s customers. This will leave Sprint, and T-Mobile as the only carriers of unlimited data plans. That is if AT&T and T-Mobile’s merge doesn’t go through. If it does, Sprint will be the only alternative you have. Which if you are going to be using a tethering device, or really just browse the internet all the time, it might be cheaper to go by Sprint, and buy an unlimited data plan just to use your phone.

Most applications have constant connection to the internet and those “mega-bites” can quickly take a bite at your wallet if you are not careful. It seems that as the companies get bigger, they start to charge more for the simple services that we should already be getting.

So what do you think about this new move? is Verizon going to lose customer loyalty?