Pizza’s cooked via solar powered boxes

When you make Pizza’s at home in your brand new home oven, you are actually so far behind in the tech field you have no idea, with the new Green Hype going around right now you need one of these solar power boxes to keep up.

A couple of students from Brooklyn’s James Madison and Edward R. Murrow High School made a set of Solar Power Boxes, they will bring the boxes out to Manhattan’s Union Square to cook a couple of slices.

The boxes can actually reach up to 200 degrees on a sunny day, that is more than enough to get a pizza cooking in about an hour or so. The boxes are made from severalĀ  pieces of aluminum foil, so if you are ready to try a piece, go out to New York City at the Union Square Green Market from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Tomorrow May 26, 2011 and give it a shot. I’m sure you can make your own “green” oven with enough foil and a hot enough day.