Edwan Dobson – plays a techno song on his guitar

So there is this guy named Edwan Dobson, he’s dressed like Rayden from Mortal Kombat and he has a hell of a talent, he plays a Trance Song on his guitar.

Ewan Dobson is from Canada and he’s pretty much established him self as one of the most brilliant and exhilarating guitarist in the country. He pretty much goes to competitions to take first place almost every single time. He’s won prices from Burlington Rotary Fall Music Festival to Pickering Rotary Music Festival and many more. And really, he deserves every single one of those prices.

He has gone to the National Finals of the prestigious Canadian Music Competitions (CMC) twice to represent Ontario and in 2009 he was awarded the top guitarist price. I can guarantee you that after you watch his video below, you too would vote for him if you had the chance. Check out his blog, He’s featured on RPoland’s Youtube Account, where you can listen to many more of his songs.