Microsoft in the process of buying Nokia’s Cellphone Division

This is still a rumor, and really the only source of information was this tweet from Eldar Murtazin so it actually has some sort of weight behind it. After all, Murtazin has had a pretty good history at spreading “real”-rumors around, like when Nokia said they were going to start using MS Operating system phones as their only phone. So according to Murtazin, Microsoft and Nokia will begin to make negotiations on whether or not Microsoft will buy Nokia’s Cell Phone Division. Meaning that Microsoft will be able to manufacture their own cell phones that we all seem to … love.

While we still don’t have any actual information other than the fact that the deal could close as early as the end of 2011.

Now let’s pretend that Microsoft does buy Nokia’s cell phone division, what next? Well for starters Microsoft will no longer have to call around begging cell phone manufacturers to put Microsoft Operating Systems on their phones. Microsoft will then have to find a way to sell you the phone, they may incorporate their new Skype service that they acquired earlier in the month for 8.5 Billion. Or incorporate more types of services, like most of Microsoft products, it’s not about quality it’s about quantity (of services) the operating system for the phones might be crappy, but if they add Skype, and a number of other services into the mix, it might be a good deal. Do you remember the Nokia Booklet 3G? Now with Microsoft in the game, imagine a fine tuned version of that, it would effectively cut deep into Apples product.