AeroShot Pure Energy: The Fastest Way to Get a Cafeine High

You see these shotgun shell looking things? they don’t hurt you, instead, they help you… about as much as full cup of coffee. The AeroShot cartridges provide as much caffeine in one shell as a large cup of strong extra black coffee. Each cartridge contains about six puffs of fine powder that is composed of vitamin B and 100 milligrams of caffeine. This is the perfect cure for a hangover, all you need is one of these bad boys when you’re having a bad morning and you’re good to go! I’m not sure if they have a crash, but like any other energy product, the crash is probably still going to be there … and if you’re not careful, you may get to much caffeine and have a REALLY bad crash.

The “powder” doesn’t taste like anything, allegedly, and it’s designed solely to give you an instant boost of energy. It was created by David Edwards, a Harvard professor with the help of Tom Hadfield. They started a company called Breathable Foods to get them to the public. The shots are going to be available some time in the next 3 months starting in New York and Boston, hopefully they’ll get enough funding to ship them everywhere in the US.

[AeroShot via Cool Hunting