Fujitsu Flexbook Concept

The Flexbook was designed for the ‘Fujitsu design award: a life without future computing‘ a competition organized by designboom in collaboration with Fujitsu. In This competition designers get to build their most insane-imaginable creations – as long as they are computer. The most recent design was put in by Hao-Chun Huang a designer from Taiwan, he displayed his creativity by submitting the “flexbook” a computer that folds up from a netbook to a tablet.

The Flexbook will come with a “waterproof keypad and  a 21:9 screen, it will feature a flexible structure with a center joint, the laptop can be folded into a range of configurations, while a 180-degree swivel touch screen offers different configurations of viewing” on top of that the Flexbook is covered in a rubber outer skin, to keep everything water proof and if this ever becomes a reality, this computer would not be a bad buy. We already have the technology to do this, so making the Flexbook is not that farfetched of a design.

Via Dvice Source:  DesignBoom