Android Phone GPS App Put on a Live Image of the Road Ahead

One of the main problems with GPS units, is that when you stare at the little screen for  just one second on the highway, you effectively travel 100 feet without paying attention to the road. But thanks to the Wikitude Drive App for the Android, now you can have a map that uses the built in camera and GPS and lays down an on screen green line that leads you to your destination. Best of all, even if you are looking at the screen, you are still watching the road ahead of you.

If you don’t think you understand what the map is telling you, a simple tap on the screen and you can have the classic GPS map were all used to. The application is currently only available for North American and European countries and it costs abut $10, so that’s not that bad. It looks fun, the only thing that sucks is that you have to buy a window mount, and those run anywhere between $20 to $80 at best buy. Check out the video below to see how cool this thing is!

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