Apple pushes for thinner & slimmer Simcard

Apple has already pushed for a thinner Sim Card for their iPhone4 and their iPad devices, with their micro-sim cards. But as it’s usual for Apple, Micro is still not good enough. Apple now want’s to make an even slimmer SIM card to make even slimmer devices.

They are pushing for a new standard for SIM cards in the cellphone industry, they submitted an official proposal to the ETSI and if they get approved, we will start to see thinner devices coming to our pockets.

But how thin is to thin? I love thin cellphones, they are great, but they can only get so thin before they start to lack durability and function-ability. I’m not saying that I want to have a chunky brick of a cell phone from 80’s but I definitely want to feel the cellphone in my hands. I don’t want my cellphone to feel like I’m holding a credit card. Many companies came out with thin and small cellphones in the early 2000’s  but they felt like you were talking on a match box and many of them did not get the “Fan Base” the companies were hoping for. A very good thin phone was the Waffer by Alltel, I owned 3 of them before I gave up on the phone, it was so thin that it broke too easily when you carried it in your pocket.

Thinner is not always better when it comes to Cellphones, there has to be a good balance between thin and durability. It’s a great thing that Apple wants to push for the smaller SIM cards, I’m sure it will allow cellphone manufacturers the ability to add additional features to a cellphone, but as far as making phones thinner than the iPhone4, I think it’s pointless as it would make it to frail. The iPhone 4 is at a perfect thin-ness and sturdiness level.