Google Buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

Google just made one of the biggest moves in the mobile realm by acquiring Motorola Mobility, Motorola’s cellphone business, for just under $12.5 billion.

This new deal will put Google inside of the hardware game by allowing it to create cellphones to run their Android system. Google claims that even though they now have a manufacturing division, the Android system will continue to be ran as an Open platform.

This deal came about from last month’s patent purchases when Apple and Microsoft started to buy patents left and right from the Nortel networks. That same month, Google paid over $4.5 billion in over 1000 IBM patents. This new purchase will guarantee a spot in first place for the biggest Phone Hardware Designers and manufactures. Also, the patents purchased last month will help them stay out of legal trouble from lawsuits coming from Apple and Microsoft when the going gets though in the next couple of weeks.

Via NY Times