Feeding-Tube Down Your Nose For Weight Loss?

I’m not really sure how I feel about this, I understand the hype in trying to fit into your summer clothes, or more importantly, your wedding dress. But future brides are paying up to $1,500 to have a doctor attach a feeding tube through their noses for about 10 days to help them lose up to 30 pounds.

The tube keeps your body “fed” with an 800 calories a day diet. This low calorie diet actually makes your body go into Ketosis, which is when your body starts to burn all of the Fat reserves but leaves your muscle intact. Since the feeding tube continues to feed your body throughout the day, you always feel full and don’t really have the urge to eat.

According to some patients, having the tube down your nose is not the hard part, knowing that you’re not really chewing anything to stay alive is. That, and having to explain to everyone in your family that you’re not suffering from a deadly disease or problem and that you’re actually doing this out of your own free will.

The procedure has a couple of draw backs, one of them is the fact that the buildup of ketones in your body will keep everyone, including your dog, away from you because of the foul stench that’s coming out of your mouth. The smell resembles that of nail-polish, which really stinks in my honest opinion. Then you have other problems, since you’re not getting any fiber into your diet, you’ll be constipated for the duration of the procedure. But sometimes that’s the price you have to pay to fit into a dress two sizes smaller than what nature intended you to fit into.  [via Buzzfeed – Image via ABC News]