French Scientist Effectively Reverse the Aging Process in Cells

We all know how good the idea of living forever sounds, stories about the elixir of life have been around for centuries, and movies like “In Time” have made it even more appealing. Thanks to French researchers from Fonctionnelle Genomique Institute, we may be able to live forever… sooner rather than later.

The theory that scientist had for years went a little something like this: we have a set number of cells in our body. Those cells can only reproduce and split and X number of times. Once they reach their splitting limit, they start dying off, and humans begin to age. If we can find a way to stop them from splitting as fast, or if we can find a way to stop it all together, we can live eternally.

With that in mind, some French researches said they found a way to actually reverse the signs of aging. The research actually takes old cells, the cells get reprogrammed to be pluripotent stem cells in vitro – IPSC (Induced pluripotentstem cells), which have the youth and characteristics of embryonic stem cells (hESC). They can then differentiate back into cells of all types (neurons, heart cells, epithelial, liver etc) after the “rejuvenation” cure made by French scientists.

This means that we can finally take dying heart cells and turn them into young heart cells again. The researchers now have to find a way to make this work in humans. The experiment has worked amazing in lab mice and rats, but getting it to work in human beings is going to be a new challenge. Via: Doctor Tipster