Researcher Killed By Deadly Bacteria That He Was Working With

One of the main problems about working towards a vaccine for viruses and bacteria is that there is no “perfect” cure during your research. If you’re trying to invent a cure and vaccine for a deadly bacterium, this means you’re constantly coming in contact with the bacteria, and once infected – you now have your life on one end of the ticking clock.

The Guardian reported that,  a researcher from San Francisco died after being infected by a strain of meningococcal disease that he was researching. The disease is extremely virulent and the chances of it spreading are pretty high up in the spectrum. So much in fact, that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are giving friends, relatives, co-workers, and a whole bunch of other people shots of antibiotics as a precaution. Which is a good thing since this type of bacteria can be very deadly, especially if you wait too long. In Din’s case, he had failure across multiple organs and died in less than 24 hours after infection. IMG Credit: TBOB