The Hutlzer Banana Slicer – How to Chop Bananas For Dummies

If you’re a mom, a cook, or just a person in hurry, any utensil in the kitchen that saves you time – regardless of how insignificant the savings may be – can really make your life better.

At our home, we’re always in a hurry, sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough seconds in a minute. When we get up were usually trying to make breakfast and get out the door before 7:00 am, and sometimes something as easy as splitting a banana, or splitting an apple, can really screw up our routine.

How hard can it be right? You peel off half of the banana, you grab a butter knife, and then you start to cut the banana in small segments. It takes 60 seconds, max. Then you put the chunks in your cereal and have your cereal while you read the newspaper.

But if you feel like the 60 seconds can be the difference between having a healthy cereal or just getting cereal bar on the way out the door, the Hutzler Banana Slicer can really speed up your cereal making process. Simply peel, place on board, and cut. You’re looking at 10 seconds max to get the banana on your plate. Combine this with the Quirky container and you’re set – with seconds to spare.

Trust me, those extra seconds begin to add up. As human beings, we’re always looking for ways to simplify our life. That’s why people who find solutions to everyday annoyances find a plethora of customers lining up waiting to get the new “faster” thing to hit the market.

These products don’t make us lazier, I think they actually make us better and help us achieve more things in a day. This tool can also help you find ways to bring fun into the kitchen for your children. If you’re a parent and your children want to help you cook, you can always hand them a tool that’s safe and easy to use, they wont get hurt with blades or knifes, and at the same time you can rest assure that the job will get done the way it needs to.