Container Lets You Pour Just The Right Amount Every Time!

Don’t you just hate having your pasta or rice inside that bag and regardless of how much you try to guess a serving for 2 you always end up making food for 10 people? I do, I’m usually having to use a measuring cup to make sure I have just the right amount – and even then I make food for 10. You have to admit, it’s hard to guess how much a person eats, especially when you take rice and it expands to a size you didn’t know was possible.

I also hate not being able to guess exactly how much cereal I need for my milk to be fully gone when I’m done eating my cereal. This is why I love this new plastic container from Quirky. You can place two dividers in the main container that always allow you to pour the exact same amount of whatever you have inside the container.

This is great for me because now I can just simply pour the box over while I’m half asleep and not have to worry about how¬† much cereal I’m having to pour. This is also great for parents who have children that like to over fill their plates full of cereal. And lastly, this is great for people that read the back of the box and it says – serving amount, 14 servings – now you’ll really have an Idea of how much you need each time. Simply set the lid to the 1 serving and tilt the box over to feed the right number of people.

The container can hold 3.25 quarts of dry food, it lets you pour down to half a cup of goods at a time. The product is no longer on the design stages, this is going to be out for sure, but they didn’t say when exactly. Check out the gallery at the bottom to see how convenient this really is! via The Green Head