Snow Globes Ignite Fire to a Couch by Magnifying the Sun’s Rays

I remember as a child being fascinated by these things – yes, we didn’t have much in my child hood. The small globes were pretty cool, but I always thought it was way better to go out and catch ants on fire using a magnifying glass. That part of my life can to an end when I tried to burn my brother’s hand with a magnifying glass and dad took it away, little did I know that I could have used a small globe to pull off the same effect.

In Milwaukie, Oregon, a man’s home caught fire this weekend after he left a pair of snow globes unsupervised by next to his window – darn Snow Globes always causing $crewing $**t up – He allegedly placed the globes on his window in Christmas and never cared about taking them down, eventually the sun’s angle changed to where the sunlight was hitting the globes at just the right angle that it caused the water and glass shape to act as a magnifying glass.

The light focused to a point on a couch and almost caught the entire house on fire. The only reason it was saved was because of the neighbors that called 911 in time to keep anything from being burned down to the ground. If I came home and my house was burned down and my wife said “it was the freaking snow globes man!” I wouldn’t buy that excuse one bit. [ABC]