The Magneto Lamp Uses Magnets to Direct Light at Any Angle

I’m not that much into lamp designs, but the Magneto is actually pretty cool, it kind of looks like an over the top flash light. The Magneto Lamp was designed by Giulio Iacchetti, which means it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but the lamp was designed to be an incredibly flexible table and floor lamp fixture. Unlike current lamps that have stiff necks or multiple pivot points, the Magento lamp uses a single cable to provide energy to the lamp, and a magnetic ball allows the light fixture to move and pivot freely into any direction.

In this video, Lacchetti, explains how the lamp is superior to other pivot lamps. Magneto’s steel ball serves as a limitless pivot joint. The lamp’s post has several dimples along the edge that allows the ball to move up and down depending on where you want to move the light too. The cable also extends and retracts into the lamp post depending on how much slack you need to go around.

The lamp is still in the design phase, which means the price is still not available, but once they have it finished and it goes on sale, you’ll be able to get your Magneto lamp from Foscarini.  Again, expect to pay designer prices for this over the top flash light! [Giulio Iacchetti via MoCo Loco]