Best Buy Wi-Fi Hacked

A Best Buy in Greenville, South Carolina had a risqué set of minutes to deal with in their electronics department.  According to the local CBS station, two individuals were able to hack into the store’s Wi-Fi system and air porn on the televisions in the building.

For several minutes pornography was airing on all the store’s televisions including a 55 inch screen. Several people were in the store at the time families.  What store managers are saying was a prank was not taken in a laughing manner unfortunately.

“It was extremely, extremely pornographic image,” customer Gloria Berg says.  “I think even the word ‘pornographic’ doesn’t cover it.  I have never watched pornography, so I don’t know what else you can see there, but to me, I really felt extremely violated.”

Berg told the news station that the manager was able to take it down after several minutes but acted as if it was no big deal.  She said by the time the images were taken down several families had already seen it.

Apparently someone had done the same thing the night before.  Realistically it was the same people who did it that day; however, no names were being released.  The corporate office had this to say:

Two individuals accessed our store’s wireless signal to broadcast inappropriate content on a smart television display.  In both cases, we worked immediately to disable the inappropriate content.  We greatly apologize for this unfortunate incident and we are working to ensure that it does not happen again.

While this is unfortunate for the families who were in the store at the time, it seems absurd to file a complaint against Best Buy like Berg did.  The company was probably just as embarrassed as the parents covering their kid’s eyes that day.

Police are looking into it, but without saved images they will not know what kind of charges will be necessary.  They were also trying to figure out why Best Buy’s Wi-Fi was so easy to access.