Tide Detergent Thieves

In what is probably one of weirdest news headlines so far into 2012, are reports about an absurd number of tide detergent thefts occurring. Several reports are stating that the increase is happening because people are stealing them to sell on the black market for drugs.  At the moment, there have been no reports of what types of drugs are using detergent to be created, so this may just be propaganda.

Brian Todd from CNN reported more accurate and really concerning facts. One man, Patrick Costanzo from Michigan, stole up to $6,000 in the detergent. Authorities have listed some reasons for the increase in thefts as being the detergent, which can sell for between $8 and $20, can be found cheaper on the black market.  It was also said that some people are actually trading Tide for drugs.

Those reasons actually make sense. People trading detergent for drugs seems a little more realistic than it being used to create drugs. Even though drugs, such as methamphetamine, use all kinds of house hold products, detergent was not one of those used on last check.

Michael Garry, technology and operations editor for Supermarket News, said that higher prices can lead to more products being sold illegally.  He also mentioned that there is a huge illegal market for items found in supermarkets, and it has been steadily increasing in the past five years.

A few retailers are taking the extra precaution of placing a security device on the detergent and other retail items. It might be good idea for other businesses to do also, but there is also the option of not having to have name brand items.  There are other detergents available that work just as good. The only difference being there is an unknown name on the label.