Unicycle With Training Wheels – Isn’t This a Tricycle?

Last time I checked a bicycle with three wheels is called a Tricycle. But apparently, these guys re-designed the tricycle and called it a Cycocycle. This is basically a unicycle with training wheels on it and they are trying to sell it off as the next big thing. The only difference is that unlike a tricycle with handlebars, you turn by twisting your body – just like on a unicycle. When you feel you are ready to ride a real unicycle without the training wheels, you simply move forward and balance yourself in the large wheel at the front.

This is supposed to be a whole lot easier than just hoping onto a unicycle and busting your ass before you even get the chance to make it to the circus. I’ve seen people ride unicycles across college before but I’ve never had the drive to ride across campus on a wheel. I don’t see why people prefer to ride a single wheel cycle when you could very easily ride a two wheeled bike; they are safer, faster, and easier to ride in different terrains.

The commercial video above shows people doing “tricks” which really consist of ridding around and spinning in the front wheel. Unlike a regular bicycle, a unicycle doesn’t have that many tricks available. You can probably hop around, ride backwards, or if you work at a circus, ride a tight rope? But that’s about as exciting as it’s going to get.

Not even the “feature” video entices people to want to go out and buy one. Look, I’m not saying that riding a unicycle isn’t cool, but unless you’re a special kind of hipster, I’ve never seen girls hanging over the rails trying to ride unicycle riders – much less a tricycle without handlebars. Check out this video and turn off the sound, does it really look that exiting once you take out the sound?

At least if you want to get your own Cycocycle, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg. With an $82 price tag, you can ride around in this adult tricycle and not feel bad when you store it away in your attic a day later  [Cycocycle via TechCrunch]