The WiRC Controller Lets You Operate Any RC Toy Using Your iPhone

Toy Fair 2012 was pretty bad ass this year, they had a whole bunch of new gadgets and toys that made us wish we were kids again. But one of the toys that really called out to me was more of a gadget than anything else. The Dension’s new WiRC controller allows you to control any RC vehicle using your iPhone.

The controller unit can easily be integrated into the RC vehicle, this can be a race car, boat, plane, robot, or any other device that can be remote controlled. The device uses a Wi-Fi Signal – enhancing the name Wi-RC- which lets you connect at a longer distance, additionally, the kit allows you to control up to 8 different servos at the same time – which can come in handy when flying RC planes. You do need to take into consideration the fact that unlike radio signals, Wi-Fi signals don’t connect instantly. If your plane goes out of range, and somehow manages to float towards your signal again, you may have trouble saving it from a crash.

The kit also allows you to tweak, the controls and sensitivity levels for the touch screen joysticks. If you’re using an iPhone, you can use the gyro motion sensors to control your RC vehicles.  The best thing about the kit is that it comes with a webcam to allow you to see where you are driving, sailing, or flying to straight onto your iPhone’s screen.

If you’re an RC aficionado, then this gadget is definitely for you, with a $179 price tag, it certainly isn’t a cheap upgrade to your Toys R Us RC car. But, if you live and breathe RC, then this is an awesome addition to your hobby. Check out the image gallery at the bottom: – via Hobby Media