When Nigerian Scammers Get Scammed, WE Go To Jail

Nigerian Scammers are extremely elaborate. They scam people for thousands of dollars every single day, and they never get caught. I have several friends who have fallen victim to different versions of scams, but what happens when you actually see the scam and in return you scam the scammers? well, if you’re in Australia, you end up in jail for scamming people. WTF?

According to the Associated press, Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey allegedly provided her back account to a Nigerian scam artist. The scammer was going to use her account and funnel money to Nigeria; after they receive money obtained from a fraudulent car sale. The e-mail Sarah received instructed her to keep eight percent of the money and then send the rest of it back  to Nigeria- about $35,000 us Dollars.

When Sarah caught on to the scam, she decided to keep the whole $35,000 dollars to her self.  A couple of days later on Thursday, she was in front of a judge facing charges of “unknowingly” stealing more than $30,000 from a Nigerian Scam Artists.

According to the AAP, the car buyers who were ripped off reported the matter to police, who traced the account to Cochrane-Ramsey. Cochrane-Ramsey pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated fraud on Thursday.

Judge Terry Martin described her as having a “dishonest bent” after hearing she had a history of stealing and property offences. I’m sorry, but if a scam artists gives me $30,000, I’d much rather keep it for my self rather and wait for the scam to end. Otherwise, I could be scammed my self when I forward the 92% to them and three days later find out that my account is $28,000 in the negative.

Looks like even if you are smart and try to avoid being scammed, you still end up in jail. I guess she could have returned the money to the owners, the owners she never met, the owners who were from a completely different continent. Imagine getting a wire transfer from a Nigerian scammer saying “I stole this from a guy in China, send me some money and we’ll split it” Even if you want to do the right thing, who would you go to? The police is certainly  not going to call China and figure out who the money belongs to.