Robotic Venus Fly Trap Can Eat Bugs to Generate Power

One of the main concerns that most scifi fans have, is that at some point in time, robots will be able to generate their own energy without the need of human assistance. The Matrix brought up an idea where robots started to cultivate human beings to use us as battery packs. But just recently, the University of Maine developed a robotic version of the venus fly trap that may turn that into a reality.

Mohsen Shahinpoor says that the robotic fly trap works the same way as the real fly trap. It has small sensor hairs that trigger an electronic current to shut the leaves together effectively capturing the insect inside the trap. Shahinpoor’s trap doesn’t consume the bugs yet, but other people have developed robots that can actually use the bugs to generate electric power.

If Mohsen’s technology ever makes it to the large scale commercial levels, and the technology is merged with robots that transform proteins into energy, robots of the future may be able to trap large animals and pray to turn them into energy. Imagine thinking you are going to bed only to lay down inside the grip of a human bed trap.

New Scientist, via PopSci