USB Cryptex Storage Device

This USB works under the same principle as a cryptex, it has a bicycle lock looking dial on the exterior of the case. Only when you actually input the right combination, the lock is opened and the secret contents of the USB flash drive are released.

The Russian designer drafted the small gadget using Auto Cad, he then cut the shapes using a laser machine, and finally he was able to fit the USB inside the actual casing. This added security is great, specially when you encrypt your data, it’s an added security bonus. I don’t know many different people who know how to crack a combination lock in a matter of seconds (unless they’ve watched this video), so like any other security device, this is only a small “time delayer” safety gadget.  It lacks the vinegar vile that is supposed to erase the secret content, but I guess if you can’t open the darn thing, you’ll have to use force, which in turn will damage the contents of the USB.

Regardless of how easy this is to crack, or how easy it is to break into the USB, this thing is awesome! I bet if you had the chance to buy one you wouldn’t complain to much about it… would you?

Via: Steampunker, via Technabob