Freezing your self at -270 degrees to be better at sports? How bout a hottub instead?

So you know that most athletes are trying to push their limits one way or another right? well they just figured out how to take their body one step further, and NO it’s not with drugs, or blood transfusions, it’s a very simple concept… Freeze your self by entering a nitrogen gas chamber. The chamber is called cryosauna and it cools skin to 32 degrees at a depth of around half a millimeter, which gives the body a mild shock and draws its blood supply inward to the vital organs. After two-and-a-half minutes, when the sauna is finished, that blood is supposed to rush back to the muscles, full of oxygen and nutrients, and repair damaged tissue. It is a $50,000 variation on the ice bath.

Sounds like fun right? well, like every other experimental tool it does have it’s risk, the vapors are hundreds of degrees below zero when pumped into the cylinder and cold enough to freeze body hair in seconds. But according to the scientist, the worst you can get is a minor frostbite burn… thats bad enough for me, call me a sissy but until they perfect this thing I’m going to stand clear of it all, but in case you want to read more about it, check it out here Cryosauna