New App Has the Potential to Change the Way Live Music Is Seen.

If someone says that they do not like music, they are undoubtedly compulsive liars or something to that extent. Everyone has at least one type of music that they have to listen to. Many people own an iPod or some other form of mp3 player to keep their music handy, and many also have turned their phones into an active radio.

So, the new app  ThrillCall is right down everyone’s path. It works the same way as the name’s actual website to locate musical performances. The main difference is that having the application handy on a phone at all times will make it so that people can be out and about and just decide to go hear some music. The app works to let people find whoever is playing at that time in their vicinity. They can then purchase tickets right off of their phone.

The app works for the moment to help find local upcoming shows and to find any special offers. It also lets the individual update their social status and let the world know what show they will be attending.

A special feature called “flash” lets individuals find tickets that are for the exact minute or that night. This feature is currently on running for those living in San Francisco at the moment, but hopefully that will change in the future. This app is also only currently available in the Apple App Store, but Android users should be able to start using it in the near future.

With the app’s up to date data and reporting of favorite band events, this app can significantly impact the way that people buy tickets. If the “flash” feature is expanded it will seriously change the way people go see shows because people that are out and just looking for something to do for the night can easily access great music. This has the potential to let more people see a larger amount of live shows.