The Flip Side: What if Girls & Guys Traded Places at the Club

Males and females are completely different when it comes to the way they behave in a club – and just about any other place. For the most part, when a girl says “hey nice shirt!” they usually mean it, when a guy says “hey nice shirt!” it usually means you need to button up because they’re not looking at the shirt.

It’s not a secret, men and women are not alike. An experiment conducted last year asked men and women if they could “just be friends”. It was learned that most girls DO believe that men and women can be friends, Men in the other hand; over %95 of them said it was impossible.

Now before you watch the video, I’m sure you’ve heard this question before:  What if for one night the gender roles were reversed in the world? What if this actually happened and we actually traded places just for a night, what then? I’m sure it has a lot to do with exactly what trades over, if it’s just a physical body they that may be fun, but if it’s the mindset that comes along with the transformation, that may be shitty.

The video listed above is a short movie directed by Jay Diaz called “The Flip Side” takes us to this interesting alternate universe where men were like women, and women were like men. A lot of the things are true on the video, I will admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been out to the club scene, but it’s just as I remember it. Plus, the video is funny as shit.