The Dangers of Human Water Walking Balls

You see that ball to the left? It’s supposed to be a very awesome human hamster ball that lets you walk on water. The ball is pretty cool, you blow it up with a blower and you have 15 to 20 minutes of air inside the ball before you have to deflate it and get new fresh air inside it. But does anyone else see the problem with this? Some people definitely did.

Reading the comments below you can tell that the ball could be dangerous, for starters, half of the people from the video I posted above can even get up, even if they do get up, moving across the surface of the water is extremely difficult meaning if you do make it out on the lake you better be attached to a rope so another person can get you out of the lake in case you pass out.

Then you run into the problem of piercing through the plastic, if you accidentally pierce through the ball, you will end up being trapped inside a plastic ball that will only seal you inside like a vacuum. The pressure of the water around you would make it extremely difficult to remove the plastic from your body.

I’m not exactly sure what the ball is made of, but from the description it appears to be a thick plastic film. These are the Amazon images for the ball:

 Looks really cool uh? the guy happily walking into the lake in his $400 hamster ball, but wait till you read the reviews for this awesome ball:

Not so safe if you ask me, I’m not sure if the comments are trolling the seller, but they make the same points that I’m talking about.