World’s Cryptozoologists ComeTogether in Russia to Hunt for Bigfoot

He is known by many names, in Russia he’s the Siberian SnowMan, but to us, he’s known as the Yeti, Sasquatch, or the famous Big Foot. There is a saying that I heard once in a Tv Show that said, Thousands of people can not be seeing something that doesn’t exist, and it’s true. Even though no one has ever confirmed it exists, no one has confirmed it doesn’t exist.

This mythical figure, which many people describe as a large man with long hair and tick fur that walks like a human, has been the topic of discussion amongst many cryptozoologist. Now, they have come together to go and hunt this creature.

This week cryptozoologist, the people that study if creatures exist, are meeting together in Russia so they can take a trip to kemerovo, about 3,000 miles east of Moscow, they will then begin to hunt for the Big Foot. This area of the world has had an increase of big foot sightings and the sightings continue to grow. Several Scientist at the Moscow’s Darwin Museum think that there may be a group of Big Feet living in the area.

Even though there are pictures, and videos of big foot, the video is always obtained with some old camera. It’s 2010 and the only person that sees big foot is either an amateur video photographer, or some hunter with a cellphone, I was getting video of nature and really wanted to capture nature at it’s purest using a grainy filter when suddenly, Bigfoot appeared, I grabbed my 1900’s camera and took  a photo…

Lets see what they can find, and let’s hope to god that they have good HD cameras with them. The main belief is that for some reason a group of Neanderthals actually survived and they are now living in a small community. I know it sounds retarded, but when has science not sounded retarded? Good luck to them!

BBC News