What is Spotify Really? – It’s Music, With no Strings Attached!

So now that Spotify hit the united states… your question may be, what is Spotify? and how does it work? well… a nutshell, it’s Music with no Strings Attached. In my lifetime there have been 4 mediums of music that have come and in some cases gone, cassette tapes, CD’s Mp3’s and online streaming music.

It’s especially those last two that have changed the way that we listen to music the most. The idea that we no longer need to actually deal with physical discs or tapes has meant in the case of mp3 at least, that our music collection no matter the size can travel with us.

Streaming music has basically become the new version of the radio, while it’s not exactly our own music collections these internet radio stations allow us to discover new artists and even genre’s of music that we never even knew existed with far less advertisements and a level of convenience that makes them almost the de facto way that we get our music fix.

But there is a new kid on the block, a new service that seeks to marry the benefits of creating our own playlists with our own choices of songs with the convenience of streaming music and this this weeks Tech Tip I’ll tell you all about it…

Show Notes: www.Spotify.com