Master Thieves Evaded State of the Art Security Systems and Steal $500k in Jewels

Almost like something out of an Ocean’s Eleven movie, in Chicago Illinois, a group of thieves were able to steal $500,000 worth of jewelry. They drilled their way from a sushi restaurant next door to the store, evaded a state of the art TL-30 “theft proof” safe, and managed to evade the best detective work in Chicago. The safe derives the name from the amount of time it takes a master lock pick to open the safe – 30 minutes. But why pick it when you can simply drill trough it?

The burglars basically drilled off the bottom back of the safe making the bottom shelves available to them, and then they crushed small containers that held the gems so they could fit through the hole, once they were pulled out, they left without a trace.

The heist happened on Tuesday, and the theft left the owner a little suspicious that it was an inside job. According to him, only an employee would know how the security was installed on their safe and building, yet, no arrests have been made and no one has been marked as a suspect.

The owner was fully insured and claimed that it’s just part of being in the business. The thieves first broke into the sushi restaurant, drilled through the wall, and then broke into the Jewelry store where they drilled through the back of the safe. All this time they were drilling from underneath the manager’s desk, which allowed them to stay hidden from security cameras and motion detectors.

I’m not sure how high this “state of the art” system worked, but from the news channel’s video, the office where the safe was kept looks messier than my home office, and that safe… I think I have a similar safe where I keep my guns. Still, master theft or not, this is an extremely large amount of money to get away with. [via Fark]