The Amazing Cenote Angelita – The Underwater River in Mexico

In another addition to Tek-Bull’s new segment featuring the earth’s hidden treasures, we’d like to show y’all a river. Yep, just a river in Mexico called the Cenote Anjelita. One that’s already submerged within another river that is.

What we’re talking about is a mini “river” within a river in a submerged cave, known academically as a cenote, in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and flows calmly near the bottom of the cave.

The scientific explanation for this beautiful enigma is really that due to a series of climate and geological changes over many thousands of years, the water is now a briny mix of salt water and hydrogen sulfate, and since this chemical combination is much denser than the regular salt water surrounding it, it sinks to the bottom of the cave and forms its own body of water that acts and flows like a river. Adding to its ambiance and curiosity is the fact that the area has its own flora and fauna, making it even easier to see it as its own river, rather than a denser body of water within another body of water more than 100 feet underwater.

While this otherworldly view is not unheard of (Mexico frequently boasts about their unique and beautiful caverns) it is at least completely stunning when you experience it up close. IMG Credit: Crystal Kiss