This Man Did NOT Know He Shot Himself in the Head With a Nail Gun

When you shoot your self in the head, the first thing you should feel is the pain associated with the shot right? At least that’s how it should be, but Dante Autullo shot him self in the head with a nail gun and didn’t even feel a thing… well he felt the hit but didn’t think it was anything to serious. As a matter of fact, he kept on going throughout the day as if nothing had happened. He drove 8 hours back home and took his child to a school recital, all while he had a freaking 3 1/2 inch nail in the middle of his brain.

He claims that he felt the hit, but when he went to reach for it he just felt a small scrape and had no idea the gun had actually fired the nail into his skull. That actually makes some sort of sense. If you get hit, you usually feel around, if there isn’t a big hole you tend to ignore things. Last year This Man got shot in the head with a bullet and didn’t know about it until 5 years later. He thought he had gotten hit by a firework during a New Years celebration in Germany.

The reason he didn’t feel anything inside is head is actually pretty simple to explain – your brain doesn’t feel pain… shocking I know, but the brain – the giant piece of mass that sends out signals when something hurts – doesn’t have the ability to send out signals that HE is hurting.

The fact that he shoved a 3 1/2 inch nail into his head however, that’s a little more complicated to explain.

Here’s what happened, according to The Chicago Tribune:

Autullo was standing on a ladder, reaching over his head to drive nails into the top of a wall, when he lost his grip on his nail gun. The recoil swung the gun back and pressed it against his skull. From the outside, it appeared to be a minor scrape, but just below the skin was the head of a nail.

The nail had entered cleanly into his brain without sending skull and bone fragments into the gray matter. The nail didn’t touch any vital areas of the brain. Which kept him alive, he didn’t lose any type of body sensitivity, movement, or even suffer from migraines. The Doctors are not exactly sure how he was able to deal with the nail in his head yet. After he came home from the kids rehearsal, he took a nap and THEN he went to the doctor, where they took the X-Ray in the image below.   [Chicago Tribune via: Gizmodo]