Giant Lego Sorting Plant Made Out Of Legos

The Lego Sorting Machine in the video above was made by the the folks at BrickIt, this is a small but impressive, Lego sorting factory to demonstrate the firm’s manufacturing execution system. And they are damn good at executing that system. They used over 37,000 pieces of Lego, 28 different types of motors, 22 different, color and ultrasonic sensors, and 7 Mindstorm NXT controllers.

They then added a couple of conveyor belts to add to the effect and when they finally got it started, all systems work together to effectively sort 2×4 and 1×2 bricks by size and color. When the box of assorted Legos gets full, a robot will automatically remove it, replacing it with an empty container so the plant can continue working away.  And all this time I thought you couldn’t use Legos to do anything to creative… [via The NXT Step]