Global Warming-Proof Sled Doesn’t Need Any Snow

Designer Szymon Hanczar’s perfectly named We Never Give Up! sled has the traditional form factor of a winter wonderland ride, but to accomodate recent global warming trends, it comes with casters so it’s not dependent on snow.

Can anyone else see how this is a horrible Idea? Since the sled uses wheels, you simply find a concrete hill and let it go, the only problem is that when you do crash or fall off of it, the landing is not as soft as if you fell off a snow sled. The sled has no way to turn left or right, nor does it have a way to slow down, so once you let go, you’re on your own.

Here is a list of possible threats:

1) Sidewalks
2) Parked Cars
3) A pot hole
4) A small pebble
5) Cats and other animals
6) Your own stupidity

From a snow sled, you may get up with ice down your back, you jump up and down because of how cold it is, and get back on the sled… in this one however, you fall off the sled and your friends update their statuses and your video goes viral on youtube.