MABEL the “Almost” Running Robot

Well, I love how in the Robotic world we either have “Very good robots” or we have horrible robots that can’t do things right. This is MABEL, and Mabel is a “running” robot that was created by the University of Michigan. It’s supposed to be modeled after how humans run. This robot get’s one thing right, the ability to stay in the air for 40% of the time, just like a real human.

The top speed is about 6.8 MPH, and since it’s stuck to a pole inside a room, I don’t see this robot ever becoming a threat to us just yet. Not to be mean to anyone, but the way this robot runs is about as graceful as seeing my roommate crawl out the front seat of my car. It’s still pretty amazing technology, they just need a whole bunch of work to iron out a couple of minor kinks: Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about:

Via:University of Michigan & The Atlantic